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In and around Mazatlan

Paseo Claussen <p>Paseo Claussen area of Mazatlán.  Just North of Olas Altas and South of Los Pinos.  This is where the clavadistas (cliff divers) dive, and is also where the street vendors offer excellent snacks at night.</p>
Olas Altas <p>Photos from the Olas Altas area of Mazatlán</p>
Stone Island <p>La Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)</p>

Restaurants and Food

Abraham Carne Asada <pre>Abraham Carne Asada<br />1404 Calle Antonio Rosales, Centro, SIN 82000<br />+529811419 or +529812053</pre><p class="location-info ng-binding"> </p>
Gaia <pre>Gia Restaurant (Plazuela Machado)<br />Heriberto Frías 1301, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, SIN, Mexico<br /><a class="fl r-io_PxFjwdV9Y" title="Call via Hangouts" data-number="+526691122525" data-pstn-out-call-url="" data-rtid="io_PxFjwdV9Y" data-ved="0ahUKEwjR_NKNvp_SAhVQ1mMKHXrgA8cQkAgIjwEoADAV">+52 669 112 2525</a></pre>
Hector's Bistro <p>Hector's Bistro<br />Mariano Escobedo 409, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico<br /><a class="fl r-ibm9apWVUwyE" title="Call via Hangouts" data-number="+526699811577" data-pstn-out-call-url="" data-rtid="ibm9apWVUwyE" data-ved="0ahUKEwjx6YvBu5_SAhUKqFQKHczGDTIQkAgIpwEoADAW">+52 669 981 1577</a></p>
La Cocina de Ana <pre>La Cocina de Ana<br />Laguna #49, Zona Dorada, Mazatlán, Sinaloa<br />+529163119<br />Noon until food runs out!</pre>
Mr. Lionsos <pre>Mr. Lionsos (Plazuela Machado)<br />Sixto Osuna #34 Centro Ciudad Mazatlán 82000<br />+529104308 and +529881414</pre>
Paseo Claussen Street Vendors <p>Paseo Claussen, Los Pinos, Mazatlán, Sinaloa</p>
Water's Edge <pre>Water's Edge<br />Sixto Osuna 48, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico<br /><a class="fl r-iK0Uhsui__Ag" title="Call via Hangouts" data-number="+526691360895" data-pstn-out-call-url="" data-rtid="iK0Uhsui__Ag" data-ved="0ahUKEwjz3eTRvZ_SAhVC7WMKHc7cB7sQkAgIiwEoADAS">+52 669 136 0895</a></pre>


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