Carpa Olivera
Public Ocean Pool in Olas Altas
Stone Island Beach
La Isla de la Piedra
The Mermaid
Near the Clavadistas (Cliff Divers) in Paseo Claussen
Paseo Claussen Street Vendor
Elote AND Tostinachos!
Mercado Pino Suárez
Mazatlán's Public Market

Around Mazatlan

Here's a gallery of photos around Mazatlán. We are considering opening this area up for user submissions ... let us know if you have a favorite photo to share!

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The Wheels ...

Taking a bus in a city you aren't familiar with can either be an adventure you can relate to your grandchildren, or the nightmare from vacation land! While the main bus for tourists is the Sabalo Centro which runs from the Golden Zone to El Centro (and on to the embarcadero for the pangas to the Isla de la Piedra), there are many other lines. Here's a link to a handy dandy bus route map! You can try different cities in the URL ... some may work!

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