Hector’s Bistro
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French Platter Appetizer
Ribeye Steak

Hector’s Bistro

Hector’s is located near the Plazuela Machado and serves excellent European style food.  Prices are moderate and quality is always high.  Previously, Hector Pineche operated Molika which was just a few blocks away from his current spot.  Hector’s Bistro is located at Mariano Escobedo 409 in Centro and the hours are said to be 8:00 am until 11:00 pm.   Phone +52 669 981 1577.

I don’t want a sparse review to understate just how good Hector’s food is.  It’s amazing.  Prices are more than reasonable.  Reservations are recommended, and bar seating may be available if you are in the area and get the urge to pop in.

Hector did a series of instructional videos for Mazatlán Life. Very well presented and lots of fun! They’re located here: http://mazatlanlife.com/in-the-kitchen-with-hector/

If you go for lunch, ask Hector if he can make you one of his ‘cheese on the inside and outside’ grilled cheese sandwiches.  After some trial and tribulation I’ve been able to master this cheesy dish, but it’s always more fun to have them do it for me!

Map: Hector’s Bistro

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