Paseo Claussen Street Vendors
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Paseo Claussen Street Vendors

At sunset a little party appears at the spot where the clavadistas (cliff divers) put on their daytime show!  If you’re visiting via cruise ship, or camp in the Gold Zone you’ll miss the party – and it gets wild!  Food, touristy souvenirs, cliff divers (they sometimes dive right after sunset using flares), and lots of people make for a fun time!  Be sure to try the Tostinachos (40 pesos/$2 usd), a lunch sized bag of Tostito’s with melted cheese sauce, beans, meat, jalapenos and salsa – ask for extra napkins (servilleta)!!!  They’re oh so good!  Another unusual, but popular choice, are the elote – corn on a stick!  Various toppings are available and I suggest that you avail yourself of some of them – the corn is a little tough and dry without 🙂

A fun time; great for people watching, and you can take a little dip in the ocean at Carpa Olivera if you walk just a few steps to the South! Elote video on Youtube!


Street vendor menu

Map: Paseo Claussen Street Vendors

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